Monday, May 14, 2012

Apologies to Gerard Donovan

The Irish novelist Gerard Donovan, who was due to appear at the Third International Writers Festival in Jerusalem this week, had in fact cancelled his participation in this event two months ago owing to serious ill health.

The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign had e-mailed Mr Donovan repeatedly at his Plymouth University address and, receiving no reply, published this message as an Open Letter on 7th May. It now transpires that the address in question was no longer valid. The first Mr Donovan knew about the campaign was when contacted by the Irish Times in the wake of the Open Letter's publication.

Mr Donovan emphasised to the paper that he does not agree with the boycott, but is "completely apolitical". Perhaps at some future date it might be interesting to debate with him about the contradiction between these two positions. For the moment, however, it is more appropriate to apologise to him for any distress the Open Letter may have caused him, and I hereby do so without any reservations. I hope that he has fully recovered from his illness.

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  1. Yes, the proper thing to do. A pity he was still listed on the festival website. Wide open to misunderstanding. - FRED